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Do you ship outside Australia?

Yes! We ship to New Zealand, the US, Canada, China, Japan, Europe and the UK.
International shipping costs are a flat rate of $40 (AUD) and are posted out by AusPost Express

How long will it take to recive my package?

All orders are shipped by AusPost Express Delivery (weekdays only – any orders placed over the weekend will be sent out on a Monday)

Australia Wide Deliveries:
Within Victoria items will arrive in 1-2 business days
For Interstate items will arrive in 1-2 business days

International deliveries will depend on the location:
New Zealand 4-8 business days
US 4-8 business days
Canada 4-8 business days
China 10-18 business days
Japan 4-8 business days
Europe 6-18 business days
UK 4-8 business days

How can I track my package?

We will add your phone number and email to your delivery so you will receive tracking notifications from AusPost

Can I return products?

Please see our Returns and Refunds Policy here. 

Creme Complete

Can the Creme Complete be used as face cream?

Yes. The Creme Complete can be used as a moisturizing and corrective face cream.  

Please be aware that if you are using the Creme Complete on an area that has sun damage, the Creme Complete may initiate a correcting of these areas.  This may involve inflammation of the damaged areas resulting in a dying off of abnormal skin tissue, which may involve redness, swelling, and itching of the specific area.  Many times this is followed by a rejuvenation and growth of new skin.  If you are concerned about inflammation then limit the application of the Creme Complete to 1-2 times a day. 

Can the Creme Complete be used around the eyes?

Yes.  All of our products can be used around the eyes. 

We do not recommend getting any of our products directly in the eye, especially the Perrin Blend and the Cool Cleanse.   Essential oils in some of the creams may be uncomfortable to some peoples, especially if too much is applied. 

What is the shelf life of the Creme Complete?

We recommend using the Creme Complete within a year of the manufacturing date. 

The Creme Complete may be effective after one year but since we use no artificial preservatives we encourage using within a year.  We want to ensure that our customers have the best possible results which means using a fresh product.

Can I refrigerate the Creme Complete?

The Creme Complete can be refridgerated, and may actually help extend the shelf life. 

Always use clean hands when using to avoid contamination. 

What if it makes me itchy?

If using any Perrin’s product, especially Creme Complete or Nutra Cream for Lichens Sclerosus itching and discharge may occur. This may look or feel like thrush. This is likely the result of a microbiome issue. 

In order to fix this we recommend taking a vaginal microbiome test which can be done through our in house naturopath through a 15 minute consult. Book here 

What if the product feels too strong?

You can always blend Creme Complete and Perrin’s Blend together to create a softer formula. If doing this remember to always use cleans hands/equipment to avoid contamination. 

Another alternative is to mix with pure natural vitamin E cream. 

The product is causing a skin reaction - what is happening?

Perrin’s creams can create undesireable reactions but this is not always bad! These can be positive, promoting blood flow and healing. 

If you are struggling to figure out what is going with your skin and whether the reaction is positive or negative you can always consult our in house naturopath for a quick 15 minute consult to discuss this. Sessions can be done in person or online. Book Here. 

Perrins Blend

Can I use Perrin's Blend on large areas?

Perrin’s Blend is a thick, sticky, honey based ointment – It is not a cream, but more of a paste and is not easily spread over large areas but can be done if needed. 

It is also burgundy in color due to the grape seed extract which means it can permanently stain clothes, bed linens, etc. so we recommend covering the area with a bandage if staining a fabric is a concern to you. 

If you want a spreadble version of Perrin’s Blend consider using the Cool Cleanse. 

Can I use the Perrins Blend around the eyes?

Yes. The Perrin’s Blend can be used around the eyes.  

Please avoid getting the Perrin’s Blend directly in the eye because it is a thick, sticky, and sometimes slightly gritty ointment. 

Do I need to keep the lesion covered?

Even though we have seen positive results with sporadic application, the best results come when the lesion is in constant contact the Perrin’s Blend. This means also leaving the bandage on when bathing.

Most of the time the lesion should be covered to prevent the Perrin’s Blend rubbing off. If the lesion is on your face (where there is less of a chance of the ointment being rubbed off) and you do not mind the appearance of the ointment, then there may not be as much of a reason to keep the area covered, and you can (if needed) keep reapplying during the day. 

Perrin’s Blend is a sticky honey based ointment and burgundy in color due to the grape seed extract which means it will stain clothes.  

What are the ingredients in Perrin's Blend?

The ingredients are:

Raw Honey (local honey directly from the beekeeper),

Grape Seed Extract (extremely fine powder with no additives)

Natural Vitamin C powder – Ascprbic Acid (pure with no additives)

Natural Vitamin E powder – D-Alpha Tocopheral  (with a minute amount of Magnesium Stearate (a non-caking agent in the vitamin E)

Alpha Lipoic Acid powder (pure with no additives)

N-acetyl-Cysteine [NAC]  powder (pure with no additives)

Why is Perrin's Blend so thick?

Perrin’s Blend is a high concentration of antioxidants in a base of raw honey, and honey thickens naturally. 

The ointment seems to work better when it is so thick it actually has to be pressed onto the area being treated.  Once it makes contact on the skin your body temperature will start to slightly melt the honey, making it softer.  A thicker product runs less, which helps it to stay in place until a bandage can be placed over the area. 

If the thickness poses a real problem to you then you can thin the product with pure honey.  Some people choose to do this.  Another option is to add a few drops of pure aloe vera, the liquid form you would find at a health food store.  If you do this, we recommend you do it in a separate container and not contaminate the whole jar of Perrin’s Blend.  

What should I use to apply Perrin's Blend

Firstly, never use a cotton-tipped applicator.  Cotton fibers will stick to the ointment. 

If you prefer not to use your finger, choose a firm applicator; a wooden paddle or spoon handle is fine. 

If Perrin’s Blend is sticking to the applicator you may want to slightly oil the applicator before applying.  If you are covering the area with a bandage you can apply the Perrin’s Blend directly to the bandage and then apply the bandage to the skin.

How long does one container last?

How many applications in one container depend on the size on your lesion.  We have recently had a health food store owner comment that “this stuff [Perrin’s Blend] lasts forever”.  If you are treating something the size of a pencil eraser then you will probably get 75 – 100 applications out of one 30g container.

What is the shelf life of Perrin's Blend?

We put a two-year expiration date on it, because we know customers have had successful results after having it for at least this long.  Honey itself is a natural preservative. 

Should Perrin's Blend be refrigerated?

No, refrigeration is not necessary, or even good for honey.  Store at room temperature in a cabinet to keep it in the dark as much as possible.  Keep it dry and never add water – water can cause mold.

Is Perrin's Blend similar to black salve?

No, it isn’t.  Black Salve can be extremely invasive and painful, and can leave scars.  There is no ingredient in Perrin’s Blend that is similar to blood root, the main ingredient in black salve. 

In fact every ingredient in Perrin’s Blend can be bought at a health food store and taken internally. Perrin’s Blend is non-invasive, relatively painless, and most of the time leaves no scars. Sometimes there can be inflammation (redness and itching) associated with using Perrin’s Blend but many times this is an indication that the place is responding to the Perrin’s Blend.

In the case of Lichen Sclerosis, because of the sensitivity of this condition, many times there is burning sensation if the skin is raw and open.

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