Lichen Sclerosus 3 Pack


Lichen Sclerosus 3 Pack

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This combination of creams can be used to reduced symptoms associated with Lichen Sclerosus (Sclerosis) All three creams are 100% natural.  Whether used alone or alongside other treatments they may help to reduce itching, pain, redness, and erosion of skin tissue. All three creams contain similar ingredients but represent 3 different strengths.  Perrin’s Blend is very strong and harder to spread (but also the most powerful), Creme Complete is easily spreadable and still strong, Nutra Cream is a mild cream and can be used on highly inflamed and sensitive tissue. All three creams contain similar ingredients, however, represent 3 different strengths. If your skin is very inflamed start with the Nutra Creme and slowly involve the others

Crème Complete  +  Perrin’s Blend  +  Nutra Cream

Crème complete 15g

Creme Complete has many essential and natural ingredients that will support your skin and assist with rejuvenation and restoration.  We have had consistent feedback from our clients that skin affected by Lichen Sclerosus has responded extremely well to regular use.  The many vitamin and antioxidant ingredients work to support your skin and reduce inflammation, irritation, hardening, erosion and tenderness.  Our skin requires nutrients for normal function and when skin is under stress it needs more antioxidants and vitamins to prevent inflammation and irritation.  The ingredients of Creme Complete read like a recipe and are east to identify as natural (you can practically eat it).  These ingredients have been found to support the skin to heal itself, it also supports normal healthy function, reduces the stressors that cause aging.  The ingredients have also been linked to addressing viral, bacterial, and fungal issues.

Perrin’s Blend 30g

Perrin’s Blend is the strongest of the Perrin Naturals products.  It has a base of activated honey so it is a thick, sticky, burgundy coloured ointment rather than a cream.  Again it is 100% natural and apart from the issue of its taste its so natural you could eat it. It doesn’t spread over large areas, but will become more malleable once warmed by your skin.  Perrin’s Blend can be used at night to help accelerate the healing process of your skin.  You can also mix some Creme Complete or Nutra Cream into the Perrin’s Blend to make it more spreadable – we often suggest this and have had good reports about its effectiveness – simply find a good ratio that works for your skin and over time you can make it stronger.

Nutra Cream 15g

Nutra Cream is the mildest of the three products.  Whilst it contains the same wide variety of vitamins and antioxidants as the Perrin’s Blend and Creme Complete they are at a lower concentration – making it a mild and soothing cream.  This makes it ideal for those who suffer from highly inflamed and sensitive Lichen Sclerosus.  Use Nutra Cream initially until your skin is less inflamed and then you can slowly introduce Creme Complete, then after some time introduce the Perrin’s Blend.  You can also use the protocol which many people have found relief of their symptoms which is Creme Complete during the day and Perrin’s Blend at night.

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