I have been using Perrins Creme Complete and Perrins Blend for a number of years with excellent results on many skin problems from  scaly skin to actinic keratosis and seborrheic keratosis. I use the Creme Complete every day and the Perrins Blend as required.
Excellent, natural products that actually work.”


All of the Perrinns products I’ve tried are fabulous. From the higher priced rose scented formula to the lip balm pots. These two are my favorites – the lip balm actually prevents my lips drying out even though I needs applying far fewer times each day than any other lip balm I’ve tried. The tiny pot lasts a long time and is very good value for my money. Perrinns Creme Complete has a light and refreshing smell as well as being beautifully rich feminine and luscious. First time in my life I’ve found a range of moisturizers that never causes pimples! The range also heals the odd bit of sunburn quickly.”


My years in the sun have damaged parts of my body particularly the backs of my hands and face. Using Perrins Complete helps rejuvenate these areas and I only need to use a tiny amount.


Excellent product. Highly recommend if you suffer Lichen Sclerosis. Have been using now for 10+ years.


Great nourishing product. The crème complete very soothing and the blend is healing. I will be purchasing again.


My face had many red blotches and the Perrins cream has removed all trace of them.


I absolutely love all the Perrins creams/moisturisers. I have dry skin and they seem to be the best by far I’ve used.  My 18 year old daughter managed to steel one of me and she said it’s amazing also and uses it every night !


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