Support For Lichens Sclerosis

Living with Lichens Sclerosis can be a challenging journey, but you are not alone.

We’ve gathered essential information and resources to help you on your path to managing this condition 

Understanding Lichens Sclerosis

What is Lichens Sclerosis?

Lichens Sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting the vulval & anal areas.

While the exact cause remains unknown it is believed to involve factors such as autoimmune dysfunction, hormonal imbalances & microbe/fungal overgrowths.

Symptoms include itching, pain & discomfort, leading to significant distress and impacts on daily life.

Naturopathic Perspective

Naturopathy provides a unique approach to Lichens Sclerosis management, addressing underlying hormonal imbalances to find the root cause and promote healing from within.

Our experienced naturopath, Araleena Isse, has been working with LS patients for over 15 years, offering comprehensive and holistic support tailored to individual needs.

Meet our Naturopath

Medical Treatment

Traditional medical treatment focuses on managing inflammation with steroids.

However for some individuals these treatments may not fully control symptoms. This is where natural alternatives and complimentary therapies are particularly valuable.


Microbiome Testing

Testing the vagina, as it shares the same microbiome as the vulva, is a crucial first step in treating Lichens Sclerosis.

Complex ecosystems of microbes reside in the female reproductive tract and disruptions in this ecosystem can result in LS and a range of unwanted symptoms.

A vaginal microbiome test is a comprehensive test which can be completed by yourself from the comfort of your own home. This allows us to assess bacterial imbalances and tailor treatment accordingly providing insights crucial for managing LS effectively.

See an example VM test here

Natural Treatments For Lichens Sclerosis

Unsure where to begin?

Download our $5 Lichens Sclerosis Checklist

This inexpensive yet comprehensive 3-page checklist includes information on local applications, microbial/fungal issues, bloods and other tests to consider, diet recommendations, support groups and more.

We have a wide range of downloadable low cost resources, tests and practitioner sessions for you to choose from below

Vaginal Microbiome Testing

Comprehensive testing allows us to assess the bacterial imbalances and tailor treatment, providing insights which are crucial in the management of LS.


Local Applications

Simple, organic products like the Perrin Naturals range offer effective solutions for reducing inflammation and scarring.

100% natural ingredients help to soothe irritation, alleviate discomfort and support healing of the affected tissues.

Our Perrin Naturals Lichens Sclerosis 3 Pack combines all the best creams (Creme Complete, Nutra, Perrins Blend) to treat the symptoms of LS.



Making dietary changes can significantly impact LS symptoms.

We recommend low-sugar, low-grain, individualised dairy tolerance diets to reduce inflammation and support gut health.

We have made weekly diet plans including more than 10 different recipes and information all targeted towards reducing inflammation in the body.

Identifying Triggers

We work with you to identify potential triggers, such as hormonal imbalances, mold exposure or autoimmune conditions to address the root causes of inflammation.  


Save & Download our Lichens Sclerosis Resources pack for only $15

** Pack includes checklist and all 3 diet/meal plans**


Hello! I’m Araleena

Naturopath BHSci Nat

 At the core of my approach to Lichens Sclerosis is a commitment to holistic wellness. I lend you my extensive knowledge gained over two decades of being a naturopath and we work together to understand what is happening. But most importantly, how to address it.

Remember, you are not alone on this journey and there is hope for healing and relief.

20 Minute Snapshot Session

Feeling overwhelmed?
Want to talk to someone about your symptoms?
In need of some relief?

Book in for a 20 minute session to discuss your concerns and receive a treatment plan.


Lichens Sclerosis 1 Hour Session

For those suffering with Lichens Sclerosis wanting an in depth consultation to discuss treatment options.

In this 1 hour session our naturopath Araleena Isse will conduct a full investigation into your Lichens Sclerosis providing you with the support and guidance needed to heal from this condition.


Appointments available in person and online


Lichens Sclerosis Full Naturopathy Session (Includes Test)

Do you have Lichens Sclerosis and other health concerns?

In this 1.5 hour session we will conduct a full investigation of all of your health concerns, whilst also providing you with the support and guidance needed to heal from Lichens Sclerosis.

Prior to your session we will send you the Vaginal Microbiome Test to complete at home.  It takes roughly 3 weeks for these results.

We will assess your diet, lifestyle & investigate all areas of health to provide solutions that suit you.

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